Key feature of KOUDX flammable cabinets

1,High quality explosion-proof safety cabinets comply with OSHA 29 CFR 1910.106 (American Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and NFPA CODE30 (National Fire Protection Association) standards. The chemical cabinet is made of high-quality 1.2mm steel, and the 38mm middle layer plate is made of specially treated galvanized steel, which greatly increases the corrosion resistance. The chemical cabinet is equipped with a polypropylene tray as standard on the high-quality laminate. It is integrated and has excellent corrosion resistance and durability.

2, clever design: professional treatment of the edge of the door, the door and door gap is smaller, so that the door is more sealed and safer. The three-point linkage type lock door design has double lock function at the same position, which is safer and more reliable. The unique lock core design makes maintenance more convenient, saving time and effort. The professional top flat design makes it difficult to hide dirt and clean. The three-point linkage type door lock design better enhances the sealing of the cabinet door. The cabinet door is equipped with a double key to improve the safety and standardization of chemical management. The door can be easily opened and closed 180 degrees, making operation easier and safer.

3, fine process: the main coating is a mixture of epoxy and polyester fiber coating, not only good chemical resistance, but also to prevent ultraviolet rays. The explosion-proof cabinet not only has a corrosion-resistant treatment on the visible cabinet surface, but also on the hidden inner surface, eliminating the hidden danger of rust and corrosion. The two side walls of the cabinet are designed with a 2 inch diameter anti-closing device----double venting holes, and the unique anti-leakage layer can be adjusted freely between every 6 cm layer block, and you can Increase the efficiency of your use by adding laminates to your actual storage needs.

4, door lock optimization: At present, the domestic safety cabinet is generally vulnerable to damage of the door lock, the main reason is due to the connection between the panel of the door lock and the bolt, the large safety cabinet panel and the lock tongue are far away, generally through the steel wire Or the round steel is connected, the steel wire and the bolt part are closely connected, but the steel wire is easy to stretch, which causes the lock tongue to fail to close. The round steel does not stretch, but its connection with the bolt can only be connected by spot welding, and the tail of the bolt is very small, so the spot welding cannot be firm, and the lock and the round steel will be opened and closed for a while. Falling off, causing the lock tongue to fail to close, resulting in the inability to open the door. Our products effectively avoid this problem. Various sizes of fire safety cabinets provide safe storage for your flammable, flammable liquids and chemicals. The compact chemical storage cabinet can be placed in your workplace to store flammable, flammable and organic agents, eliminating the hassle of going to and from the dangerous goods storage room. Small fire safety cabinets provide safe storage of your combustible, flammable liquids and chemicals, even in small spaces.

◆The high-performance safety cabinet has passed the CE certification of the European Union and has reached the OSHA standard (US Occupational Safety and Health Administration). It meets the requirements of Article 30 of the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) for the storage of flammable and explosive liquids and hazardous chemicals. Product.

◆The fire safety cabinet is made of double-layer 1.2mm fire-proof steel plate. The two-layer steel plate is separated by a hollow double-wall structure of 38mm.

◆High-quality cold-rolled steel plate is used to increase strength and better fire resistance.

◆Continuous piano hinges for smooth closing, three-point linkage door locks, easy to open and close 180 degrees cabinet door with double keys.

◆ The warning labels for professional specifications are obvious.

◆The welded baffle hook connecting baffle provides maximum slip resistance and is not easy to damage.

◆Professional treatment at the edge of the door, the gap between the door and the door is smaller, making the door more sealed and safer.

◆ The 50mm high anti-leakage tank at the bottom of the cabinet is the most likely to prevent the overflow of chemical liquids.

◆Unique galvanized laminate, anti-corrosion, anti-liquid leakage, can support up to 400lbs of steel safety cans.

◆The inside and outside of the cabinet are passivated, and the epoxy resin is electrostatically sprayed to maintain high gloss and minimize the effects of corrosion, moisture and ultraviolet rays.

◆ Two vents with fire protection devices are located on both sides of the cabinet.

◆In strict accordance with the OSHA standard, the cabinet body is provided with an electrostatic grounding conductive port to facilitate the connection of static grounding conductors.

◆Special size cabinets can be customized according to customer requirements to meet site requirements.




KOUDX(Shanghai Koudx Industry Technology Co., Ltd.) is a professional provider of industrial safety and environmental protection solutions. Based on the concept of market and customer demand, our fire safety cabinet was developed in accordance with the standards of OSHA 29 CER 1910.106 and NFPA CODE30. It is widely used in petrochemical industry, industrial manufacturing, university laboratories, food industry, automobile industry manufacturing, new energy and other industries. 


We sincerely hope that in the journey of KOUDX's continuous development and expansion, we will be able to get the full support of our distributor partners in China and abroad, and have more long-term strategic partners, development together and achieve a win-win situation. Welcome to contact us (86) 400-168-8090, you can visit our website for the detail information.


Key feature of KOUDX flammable cabinets

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