As we all know that chemical storage containers, whether steel drums, drums, plastic buckets, tons of drums, kilograms of drums, IBC drums, oil drums, chemical storage drums, laboratory-use reagent bottles, factory batteries, etc. , All of them will have drip leakage due to long-term use, leakage due to breakage or spillage in the process of dispensing. All these phenomena will pollute the working environment and affect clean production. If these chemicals are spilled, they will not pollute the water or the soil without being treated or prevented promptly, which will not only adversely affect the environment but also seriously endanger people's lives and property. Catastrophe in the first place.


 Some aspects that need to be considered when choose the right poly spill pallet

1. The nature of the chemicals contained in the storage container, the oil is still a corrosive chemical, the corrosive strength, the temperature of the chemical liquid;

2. Whether the material of the leaking tray/deep leaking platform is suitable for the storage of leaking liquid;

3. The quantity, total weight and total volume of storage containers (such as 55 gallon drums);

4. Bearing capacity and volume of the tray/span platform;

5. Whether the storage container needs to be moved frequently, whether the tray or the leaky platform can be operated by the forklift;

6. The size of the space where the storage container is placed, whether it is necessary to select a linear leaky tray that is lined up in a row;

7. Whether the tray or the leaking platform is temporarily placed in a certain place, whether it is necessary to choose a tray that is foldable and convenient to carry;

8. Is the quantity of storage containers (such as 55-gallon drums) large, and whether it is necessary to choose a foldable and portable push-button collapsible leakage dike;

9. Is there any dripping problem with tank trucks or other trucks? Is it necessary to choose a large anti-rolling buckle type collapsible leakage dike that allows trucks to enter and exit freely;

10. It is the separation and anti-splash of laboratory reagent bottles, or the anti-leakage of IBC medium-sized container barrels, or the leakage prevention of batteries. KOUDX has special trays for leaking trays/storage platforms.

11. Consider the overall quality of the brand of the selected tray/storage platform, whether it is tested by an authoritative organization, whether the standard meets the requirements, etc., the position of the brand to be selected in the industry, and the service life of the product.



So how to deal with or solve the above situation? KOUDX combined with the status quo, introduced anti-Sheng Sheng tray to prevent problems. Anti-leakage tray and platform is to prevent leakage of chemical liquids, so Sheng drain tray can also be called anti-spill tray, leak-proof tray, spill-proof tray, control panel and so on.


KOUDX Poly Spill Pallet and Poly Spill Decks are the elites in plastic pallet products and are specifically designed for modern barrels and chemical barrels used in the manufacturing, warehousing, logistics and transport industries as well as other oil and chemical containers.

Leakage platform height than the average  spill pallet low, less consumables, can be called economic Sheng  spill pallet. Much of the functionality is similar to a flood spill pallet.

Leakage, spills and spills of these containers can be prevented by placing these drums or containers of oil, chemicals and hazardous chemicals on a well-known leak-proof platform (also known as spill-proof platform, leak proof platform) and so on.





KOUDX(Shanghai Koudx Industry Technology Co., Ltd.) is a professional provider of industrial safety and environmental protection solutions. Based on the concept of market and customer demand, our fire safety cabinet was developed in accordance with the standards of OSHA 29 CER 1910.106 and NFPA CODE30. It is widely used in petrochemical industry, industrial manufacturing, university laboratories, food industry, automobile industry manufacturing, new energy and other industries. 


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