Many organic solvents can cause a fire or even explode if not handled properly. The mixture of solvent and air rapidly spreads as soon as it is burned. Large firepower can instantly ignite flammable objects and ignite where oxygen is plentiful (such as oxygen cylinder leaks), making it more fierce and burning some non-flammable substances. Explosions can even occur when flammable organic solvent vapors are mixed with air and reach a certain concentration range.

When using flammable organic solvents, note the following:

(1) Place the flammable liquid container in the lower reagent rack.

(2) Keep the container closed and open the lid of the closed container when the liquid needs to be dumped.

(3) Flammable organic solvents should be used where there is no source of ignition and in a well-ventilated area (eg fume hood), but not too much.

(4) Storage of flammable solvents, storage should be as much as possible to avoid danger.

(5) heating flammable liquid, it is best to use oil bath or water bath, shall not use open flame heating.

(6) The use of flammable organic solvents should pay special attention to the use of temperature and experimental conditions, Table 1 commonly used organic solvent ignition point, auto-ignition temperature, the concentration range of combustion.

(7) Combustion of a mixture of chemical gases and air can cause an explosion (eg, 3.25 grams of acetone gas burns equivalent to 10 grams of explosive), therefore caution must be exercised during the combustion test.

(8) In the process of using, the following common fire sources should be wary: open flame (bunsen burner, torch, oil lamp, fireplace, ignition flame and match), spark (power switch, friction), heat source Ovens, radiators, removable heaters, cigarettes), electrostatic charge.




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