KOUDX Exhibition Guide - CIOSH 2020 Shanghai, China


In the meanwhile that today's society keeps seeking the offhand benefits from "short, smooth, fast" but ignores the soul of product quality, we appeal to the regression of artisan spirit. The artisans of labor protection are striving themselves to improve the product quality from 99% to 99.99%,for which their goal is to product outstanding products with the most superior quality far beyond other peers, and they have inflexible insistence and pursuit to the choicest goods.


In the new year, we will be bent on our industry, to provide the most pragmatic and reliable safe protection for the industry of occupational safety and health by much more specialized services;we will concentrate the whole industry, to provide new sales power for thousands of purchase groups by much more internationalized manner; and we will boost the development, to establish the superexcellent platform of communicating with major brands in the industry for relevant supporting industries.


As time goes by, but the initial mission will never be changed, we always adhere to the principle of safety first, take the power of scientific and technological innovation seriously, and advocate the mode of win-win cooperation, thus the expo scale is continuously boosted, the group of audiences is continuously enlarged, the supports from all circles are stimulating the vigorous vitality of CIOSH's breakthrough and struggle-ahead.


Cherish the ingenuity spirit of the artisans, hold the perseverance of the industry, and gratitude the sincerity of the family members. April 6-8, 2017, the 94th China International Occupational Safety & Health Goods Expo (CIOSH) will have a appointment with you in Shanghai New International Expo Center, to blow the spring wind of industry for another new year CIOSH will concentrate all"labor protection artisans" around the country, to make labor protection people" andlabor protection expo" grow together, and to play the song "artisans of China and labor protection, all in one family" together!




KOUDX(Shanghai Koudx Industry Technology Co., Ltd.) is a professional provider of industrial safety and environmental protection solutions. Based on the concept of market and customer demand, our fire safety cabinet was developed in accordance with the standards of OSHA 29 CER 1910.106 and NFPA CODE30. It is widely used in petrochemical industry, industrial manufacturing, university laboratories, food industry, automobile industry manufacturing, new energy and other industries. 


We sincerely hope that in the journey of KOUDX's continuous development and expansion, we will be able to get the full support of our distributor partners in China and abroad, and have more long-term strategic partners, development together and achieve a win-win situation. Welcome to contact us (86) 400-168-8090, you can visit our website for the detail information.



CIOSH Apr.8-10, 2020 Shanghai, China

KOUDX Exhibition Guide - CIOSH 2020 Shanghai, China